Sales Messaging

Sales is the sharp end of the operation. Everything else is moot if you fail to generate revenue that funds’ growth. When Brass Razoo begins a new client engagement we review what the client's value proposition is. It must be stated clearly and forcefully. Unifying a consistent message across all platforms is vital to ensure your message is not diluted. Consider the sales messaging as if it were a company policy that must be adhered to. Employees can occasionally travel tangential paths in the pursuit of their own product agenda. This can take the focus off your key go-to-market messaging goals. Consistency and credibility are vital to guarantee that your leadership and revenue aspirations are delivered.

Brass Razoo writes sales content



Presenting your products or services in an easily read, concise format is still an efficient method of disseminating your marketing collateral to prospective clients. The printed format may be declining but the ubiquitous adobe .pdf format is transportable and your message can easily be discovered with search engines. Brass Razoo can create a standard document format with consistent word count that enhances your messaging goals and adds lustre to your documentation. The brochure can also complement your website and enable a more granular document to be created for your technical or financial audience. Typical examples are technical specifications, leasing options or wherever the need to express complex concepts exists. Well written documentation will help to improve overall sales performance.


Anewsletter is still an effective method of maintaining a regular touch point between your organisation and existing or prospective customers. In a cluttered marketplace you can lose contact or aggressive competitors can swamp your clients with information. Whether the format is physical or digital, newsletters work and should play a part in your marketing mix.

Fact Sheets & FAQ’s

Busy professionals can now quickly access much more knowledge thanks to the tablet and mobile phone market. Always-on network access allows your messaging to be reviewed on-the-go and permits organisations to tailor content for the mobile market. Summaries and bullet points fortify concise content that encapsulates your messaging goals.

Selector Guides

Awell-crafted selector guide will summarise your value proposition and make it easy for prospects to quickly grasp the range and scope of your product offerings. The selector guide is an excellent method of presenting your products and services and helping achieve sales targets.

Executive Guides

A more effective method is to provide documentation that justifies a business case that "C" level executives can present to their board and management. A smart way to achieve this is by producing a compelling document that helps prospects' deliver their desired outcome. It also adds credibility to your branding and shows how you lead markets and create trends. By encapsulating how your solution achieves better outcomes using business justifications, your messaging can cut through and speak directly to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Rewarding your readers with helpful information and transferrable knowledge serves your organisation by establishing your market leadership credentials and reaching new audiences. The most common example of where this is used is with technical education that aids the staff recruitment process. Technical skills are highly sought after and any method to locate and hire the best people to fill skills gaps adds to the value of well written marketing content.