Who are you?

Experience counts. Buying decisions made by seasoned professionals are seldom based on price alone. Your organisation's experience and personnel can often sway a prospect to partner with you over a well known competitor. An overview of your skills, management team and industry certifications could make the difference between winning and losing a client or contract.

What do you do?

It's astounding that many websites fail to clearly outline exactly what their organisation provides. Often its because the content is dated. In most instances the assumption that "we are well known in our industry" is made. In the world of the search engine the only thing that matters is what's on the page. Google and Bing can't read between the lines. Be proud of what you have achieved and tell your audience about it.

Is your company for sale?

A profile is a selling document. It will help you acquire new clients but it also could lead to a substantial pay-day for management and shareholders if another organisation has mergers and acquisitions planned.

  • Present your organisation in the best light to potential suitors
  • Add a corporate profile to contracts, proposals and tender documentation
  • Make sure that your experienced executives are known
  • Demonstrate why you are a thought leader
  • Your audience is global. Create a profile that exceeds borders or language

Brass Razoo provides corporate profiles

Do you seek partnerships?

The Internet provides a global audience for your products and services. All it takes is the right message at the right time. If your corporate culture resonates with your prospective partners then the consummation of the relationship will be much smoother.

  • You are judged by the company you keep
  • Boast about your achievements
  • Document your skills
  • List your certifications
  • Demonstrate your market leadership

Brass Razoo provides corporate profiles