Poor Policy and Bad Politicians

  • by Michael - March 22, 2015 - 1:07pm

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Poor quality politicians

This is my response to an annoying MP who has not had an original idea in his whole life. He was probably voted into a safe seat thanks to Labor factions. That must be the reason because the oaf singularly lacks any charisma or intellectual acumen. He may well hold me in contempt. I hope so.

The member for Charlton’s opinion piece in the Herald is full of platitudes and little else. Pat Conroy should spend more time engaged in
introspection, asking how his repeated ejection from parliamentary question time actually helps his constituents. Mr Conroy’s colleague Ed Husic published an opinion piece echoing similar sentiments in the Australian. Is this just a coincidence or a concerted opposition strategy to address issues they failed to solve while serving two terms in Government?

Voters are bone tired of these simplistic motherhood statements. The solution to our woeful track record in delivering innovative new technology is to come up with better ideas, better marketing and well-planned execution that addresses a real business need.

Spending more taxpayer money is not the answer

The opposition’s solution to everything is to hire more public servants and spend more taxpayer money. How about a major rework on tax investment breaks and accelerated research depreciation? Let’s also ensure that the proposed solutions’ are unaccompanied with the tricky rorts that clever accountants are so admired for. A Maitland seminar is better for our economy than a sales conference in Hawaii! Ideas and flawless execution will deliver better outcomes for creative innovators.

The Hunter Valley desperately needs jobs. Debt funded Government largesse will not to solve this problem but just serve to repeat historical failures. We must start with deliverable, creative ideas that are supported by clever marketing to re-invent how the nation’s future economic growth is created.