Editorial and Opinion

SShare your thoughts. What’s your opinion? What annoys you about the state of your industry? Where can improvements in business process be made? If you’re an industry veteran, it’s almost certain that you have formed opinions based on your personal experiences over the length of your career. As you draw upon your knowledge you see incorrect assumptions and erroneous observations being expressed. Sharing knowledge that helps existing and potential clients adds prestige to your brand. Brass Razoo can help by assembling your raw ideas and transforming them into a cohesive narrative that you and your team can revise in the fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. Regularly – just like clockwork. It’s called content marketing: using knowledge and ideas to help build a sales pipeline. Content marketing is all about raising your profile by increasing the perceived value of your organisation and shifting your relationship from supplier-customer to trusted adviser. It’s vital that you utilise this marketing channel to become an effective influencer and opinion leader. Being a trusted adviser describes the most valued business relationship your organisation can build with clients.

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