Drupal Websites

Websites need great content

You can invest in Search Engine Optimisation - SEO or allocate that budget towards creating better content. Brass Razoo can create a brand new modular enterprise class Drupal content management framework and keep the content fresh and relevant for your target audience. We can build it, populate the content and regularly update at fixed intervals. Our Content - as - Service ensures your Google ranking stays high. No tricky keyword manipulation - just regular articles, relevant blogs and scheduled updates that highlight your core competencies.

Keeping it fresh - Content-as-a-Service - C-a-a-S

B rass Razoo now provide a content-as-a-service to ensure your website accurately reflects your market leadership in key sectors. We learn what your strategic customer and technology goals are and curate content that targets these markets. Effectively your website content becomes focussed towards the areas you play to your competitive strengths. Our goal is to reinforce your market leadership in specific niche markets. To find out more about this service please visit our Content as a Service page here

Choose from over 240 themes

We build and populate your new website

Your organisation has only one forum to freely publish your opinions and advice. Because of the complexity of website construction sites are seldom refreshed. We take the task out of your hands.

Here is what we provide;

  • Analyse your value proposition
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Write first draft and revise with stakeholders
  • Populate Drupal web framework
  • Publish and publicise
  • Create functional employee user manuals (if required)

Why is Drupal the best solution?

Drupal is the world's most widely adopted CMS. It's enterprise grade and modular. It also boasts an enviable track record for providing a secure web hosting platform. Unlike proprietary CMS systems, Drupal is open source. No vendor lock-in!

Here are some of the benefits that Drupal delivers;

  • The World's most adopted Open Source CMS
  • Enterprise class
  • Drupal's commercial arm Acquia #1 in Gartner's Magic Quadrant
  • Drupal is modular and customisable
  • Large online community - thousands of contributors
  • Latest version 8.0 is in final beta release (at Feb/2015)

Contribute to Drupal

Be part of an open-source community. Amortise the cost of your development by sharing your Intellectual Property while garnering community goodwill.

Brass Razoo provides sales copywriting services

Show off your portfolio

The best selling tool you have is your experience and accomplishments. Choose a template with a portfolio to highlight your achievements

Sell products on your site

Increase traffic and revenue by e-commerce enabling your Drupal website.

Open API's

I f you require integration with SharePoint or other legacy applications the resources are available to integrate disparate technologies.