Copywriting can make the difference between receiving 5, or 25 invitation acceptances. What does your prospect want? What does your audience consider important? Pumping out a generic message is just not good enough. You need to call in help to achieve the best return on your marketing investment. It's often the most innocuous tasks that are overlooked. Revising and updating web content to reflect the changing market dynamics. It's not uncommon to see technical references to obsolete technology and processes published on websites that promote the latest technology. The key factor is understanding your audience and writing content that identifies and addresses their challenges and pain points. If you believe in leading by example then invest time in building rapport with your prospects and establishing a trust based relationship from the outset.

Sales Copywriting

Brass Razoo provides sales copywriting services

Almost everybody can write to an acceptable standard but many accomplished writers seldom put pen to paper. It’s time consuming to write, rewrite and perfect the content you find in the final document draft. It's a daunting task being faced with a blank piece of paper and a slew of exciting ideas. Often the task is relegated to underqualified staff members who lack the experience to communicate persuasively with their audience. If you are investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into a project it doesn't make a lot of sense to let the documentation fail expectations.

  • Customer invitations
  • Product and service collateral
  • Web content
  • Service specifications
  • Policy and guidelines
  • Selector Guides and product reviews

Technology Copywriting

Brass Razoo provides sales copywriting

Are your skilled employees spending billable hours writing technical documentation or submitting tender responses? What a waste of your talented, costly and finite resources. We can assist you by assuming this challenging and repetitive work from highly skilled employees who should be assigned to tasks that generate billable revenue.

  • Video to Manual transcription
  • User Guides
  • Operating Manuals
  • Editing and ghost-writing
  • Adaptation and Language conversions
  • User comprehension editing
  • Technology simplification

Is your sales messaging fresh, consistent and resonating with your customers?

Ensure your sales messaging is current and consistent across all platforms. Sales professionals can occasionally go off on tangents. Stick to your messaging and communicate with your customers and prospects more effectively

Keep your technology team focussed on billable projects - not documentation

If your engineers dislike creating documentation then outsource the task to us. Why sacrifice billable hours when a specialist technical copywriter can do the job more quickly at a lower "true"cost