Case Studies

The best sales tool available - a Case Study

Why explain your skills and experience when a well-crafted case study will establish your credibility with prospective clients or partners? The most effective tool you can equip your sales force with is a case study that outlines how your team solved a customer problem. Case studies are a nuanced sales enabler: they explain how you achieved the desired outcome and delivered on the customer's expectations. The case study can be repurposed to reach a wider audience, adding significant prestige to your market profile and brand awareness. Make no mistake, producing a case study is hard work. The payoff comes with a compelling document that delivers a marketing return that’s consistently measured in years. A case study delivers the best ROI on any marketing investment you make to proactively promote your business!

Don't write off the written case study just yet

The YouTube generation believe that video connects more effectively with the prospects. The Gen X and Y audience differs markedly from the recommenders and deciders we create and target our content towards. Brass Razoo writes content with a strong focus on business drivers and how to deliver better stakeholder outcomes. We do not believe that "being cool" adds value to your product or service unless you directly address the business to consumer (B2C) marketplace. Putting it bluntly, our audience is made up of adults who must justify expenditure and explain ownership costs and investment return metrics to their management and board. Our goal is to explain how these deliverables add business value mitigates risk. If this is the type of document you use to communicate with your audience then Brass Razoo can help.

Video case studies have their place if a demonstration video packs considerable "wow factor" . Does your product have the "wow" that would impress the Financial Controller? For most high value sales remember that a conservative, risk averse buyer is the person you need to influence. Your content should reflect this.

  • Google or Bing can't index a video case study
  • Viewers can’t scan bullet points or read a concise executive summary
  • Prospects can’t selectively scan a video – they must endure it all
  • Video case studies are costly – $10,000+ for a commercial quality video
  • Cheap production values are apparent to the viewer
  • Emailing a video case study isn't practical because of the file size

What does Brass Razoo require to produce a case study?

  1. Client approval
  2. Contact details
  3. Client sign-off
That's it. We make it easy to deliver the best possible case study that will help your organisation increase sales. That's what our goal is!

Some general thoughts on case studies

The whole point of creating a case study is to be read. If you don't write a case study like a selling document- buy me, then there is little point to the exercise. Here are some tips that may help you create better content;

  • Write and design with your audience uppermost in your mind
  • Use bullet points - scanning your message is better than ignoring it
  • Break up the words into easily read sections
  • Don't forget adding images - they make a huge difference
  • A case study is a story with a beginning, middle and end
  • Everybody is a hero - the client is always the star though
  • Use the rule of three's - Problem, Resolution, Outcome
  • Get stakeholder buy-in during the production process. Case studies are hard work!
  • The finished product is worth the setbacks you encounter along the way