What a wretched year 2021 anno domini turned out to be.

  • by Michael - December 25, 2021 - 7:19am

My snarky take on the year.

The last two years haven’t been dismal solely because of the Covid 19 “Viral Tsunami”, but rather it left no doubt the community is afraid, jumps at shadows and willingly lives under the yoke of overbearing, unelected, public servants. In another year of Covid, bad politicians crushed small business, arrested pregnant mothers, fired rubber bullets at voters and relied on focus groups and PR hacks to define policy settings. We faced lockdowns, curfews and were forced to show our identity papers. Many of the nation’s political decisions were made without scientific foundation or independently audited evidence. It seems that lying for political gain is easier than allowing free choice or lobbying for personal responsibility. It’s hard to blame the average punter whose understanding of complex issues relies on concise information provided by the State’s Chief Health Officers or CHO’s. They have been shown a propensity to mislead, obfuscate and be honest as a last resort. The calibre of our CHO’s has been another frightening revelation to many taxpayers: are these overpaid administrative buffoons really the best and brightest our medical fraternity has to offer? My local GP could have managed the pandemic with greater finesse.

So, what did the “Good” politicians do during all of this? Federal and state politicians stood by and watched as laws were flouted, the constitution was trashed and decent people were stopped at the border, unable to visit dying loved ones. These sickening events are a miserable indictment on our leadership and our citizen’s reticence to fight for their rights. Family members have had medical treatment delayed, surgery cancelled indefinitely and preventative health measures curtailed. However, the worst mistreatment was reserved for Australia’s children. In spite of irrefutable evidence to the contrary, inane protocols were introduced, youngsters were removed from their social networks and their needs languished as our self-appointed elite political class stood by silently. The ramifications of what took place, hidden under the banner of “an abundance of caution” will resonate in our society for decades. What those wretched politicians and public servants stole from our babies was irreplaceable. This child abuse hasn’t ended yet. Our 5-12-year olds are now under attack from unelected, self-righteous bureaucrats.

One particular group of highly paid public servants deserves a special type of derision because their raison d’etre is to protect human rights. More than 130 public servants are employed by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). Featuring prominently on the AHRC’s website, the organisation spin’s “children’s rights” and “rights and freedoms” as two of their primary functions. You can form your own judgement as to whether taxpayer’s have received value-for-money on that count. Citizens fund this lazy, impotent bunch of virtue signallers to the tune of $33M every year. Seriously, can you even name one of these battlers for freedom and liberty? The AHRC should be closed forever having failed to deliver anything for Aussie kids other than excuses or silence.

But hang in there, this old white guy’s gripes over 2021 has quite a ways’ to go;

Modelling and Guesswork:

Australia’s east coast electricity grid resilience is being compromised by dubious guesswork, corrupted data, and Green/Left, de-industrialisation ideologs. Modelling has been proven to be fatally flawed and yet the lazy mainstream media use these corrupt data-sets to foment fear, aided and abetted by Woke commentators. Compounding the problems are weak politicians in cahoots with renewable’s rent-seekers who use taxpayer funded subsidies to destroy our natural competitive advantage. Luckily, you can’t blow up coalfields like SA and Victoria did with their coal generating capacity. Then there’s the low road of Covid modelling, the latest example from the Doherty Institute that claims “up to” 1.4M new cases of new infections per week by late January, 2022. And yet the mainstream media laps it up without question, posing a further question: what happened to the media’s intellectual curiosity? Rewriting a press-release isn’t journalism, nor is spouting opinions and calling it news. Lift your game media outlets.

Fear and Courage:

It’s hard to connect Australia’s reverence with the Anzac’s when we look to the simpering cowardice of a population, brow-beaten into submission by political shivs and grossly overpaid public servants. We sheepishly accept what politicians claim, then enforce spurious edicts under the banner of “keeping us safe”. Dissenters are fined thousands of dollars or face imprisonment at the whim of a thuggish politician, often based on contrived modelling, asinine assumptions and all decided by secretive committees. Stealthy operatives conceal important data while vaccine decision making is sealed from public scrutiny for 75 years. So much for open, transparent government.
Climate alarmist’s incite fear with their unproven climate emergency hashtags while concurrently operating their own refrigerators on Hunter Valley and Queensland coal. You can’t power refrigeration on intermittent electricity.
Just more breathtaking hypocrisy from these climate fear-mongers whose dire predictions are never tested by an inquiring media. Let’s inculcate courage, open inquiry and free thinking into the kids. Our younger citizens desperately need to see examples of courage, open questioning of the status quo and direction from community leaders, educators and much needed support from loving parents. Teach the kids to ask tough questions and show more ticker. It’s sorely needed.

Energy and The Grid:

Twice a day at dusk and dawn an industry insider tweets NSW electricity consumption metrics. It exposes some foolish myths about where our electricity comes from. Firstly, it’s rare for the wind to contribute electricity when it’s dark. The winds don’t blow on land much at night. Even offshore wind turbines face “wind droughts” as the UK is learning to its regret. Those who question the veracity of these climate boasts are shouted down and labelled as “climate-deniers” or roundly mocked by rent-seekers and group-thinkers. We need a reliable grid to make sure the supply of electricity to our refrigerated supply chain is never interrupted or our defence systems are fully operative around the clock. The nation’s defensive capabilities must never be compromised. Meanwhile, Australia’s technology robber barons gleefully lecture the proletariat on climate change while sucking down 10% of the entire national electricity supply. Of course, Australia needs reliable data centres and communications hubs, but the big-tech vultures adumbrate about renewables, while using coal to power their cloud and communications infrastructure. Uptime guarantees like five-nine’s or 99.999% to meet 24*7 service levels can’t be met without coal.
These technology unicorns never mention this market reality as they virtue signal. The hypocrisy from the usual suspects, Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce et al is astounding. They claim their green credentials but use questionable financial instruments to offset their own CO2 creation. Reliable fossil fuel power’s Australian data centres. Fact! A special mention for the limelight hugging Atlassian’s who are frantically buying dubious carbon offsets and harbourside mansions, all the while evangelising how they are saving the world. Take all of your Cloud Infrastructure off the coal teat and we will take you seriously! But here lies the warning for Data Centre owners. You must build your own mission-critical electricity grids without taxpayer handouts. If Tomago Aluminium is forced to shut down because of electricity shortages, the same rule must apply to power hogging data centres.
It seems only fair.

Experts and Liars:

It’s an awful indictment that highly trained professional physicians, engineers and scientists have lost so much community trust in the last two decades. Climate scientist’s create reports that generate additional study grants as long as their findings align with the goals of their sponsor. Physicians and Epidemiologist tell us “White-lies” to keep us safe but refuse to release the data that guides their decision-making process. The latest revelation is that around half of ALL scientific papers are based on fraudulent data or assumptions. Trust in government is vital to protect a free and open democracy but again, Australia has been betrayed by our own experts and it’s unlikely that vital trust will ever be restored.

Defence and Weakness:

Starting with Angus Huston, every single senior defence officer should be sacked immediately. Australia’s military brass are building “safe-spaces”, while China and Russia are building missiles, warships and submarines. To rebuild our defence requires eviscerating the organisation of the leadership team in every branch of Australia’s military.
You don’t keep the people who created the problem around to remedy their own failures. Australia’s defence personnel have one role: to use state sanctioned violence against our foes to protect our nation and its citizens. Our bloated, inefficient defence force demonstrates how weak our military has become but again raises a vital question. How can we wage war if we can’t guarantee electricity around the clock that will keep our war industries operational? Australia is an energy rich continent and an appealing prize for predatory, expansionist neighbours. Weakness is like gangrene, once it become embedded in our national psyche it requires amputation or cauterisation to excise it. Neither option is pleasant or painless. Curing terminal maladies never is.

Subsidies and Decay:

History paints a muddy image when reviewing the impact of tariffs on Australia’s economy. The word disaster is appropriate because Australia has engaged in tariff economics in the past and the outcomes have been disastrous. The subsidy has answered to many names since Federation, excise, duties, levy’s, tolls and protectionism. There are lessons to be learned from our economic past but when carpetbaggers and rent-seekers buy into the scam, the battle is all but lost. The protectionism battle has destroyed our economy in two ways, increased the opportunity cost for those who choose the more risky, free-market path and weakened every business that becomes enslaved to their subsidised, mendicant, revenue stream. The automotive industry was never sustainable without vast sums of taxpayer funding. Assorted Liberal government’s limped along and passed-the-parcel until gutsy Labor politician John Button put together a coherent, market-driven industry plan in the mid 1980’s. The results were outstanding with supplier engagement flourishing, fledgeling industries developing new markets and export opportunities abounded. The failure came later when the car makers failed to innovate and proactively adapt to market changes. While Australian car makers were pumping out the Capri their global competitors were investing in SUV’s. We all know how that story ended. The same will happen with the latest boondoggle. Consumers will pay more and opportunities will be squandered because the subsidies stifle creativity and innovation.

The ABC and Ethical Failures:

When truth in reporting becomes an option, then it’s time to look at the national broadcaster’s role in our nation’s future. In most societies trust in government is not an optional extra, but the ABC is not held to any account nor does it comply with existing laws and industry mandated ethical guidelines. The ABC Charter is ignored as is the ABC Act (1983) which is flouted. It’s a laissez faire environment at their ABC – anything goes including libel, zero fact-checking, political thuggery, legal threats and a myopic, group-thinking, consensus based, editorial policy.
Sadly, in many cases, this is the face of Australia shown exclusively to foreign observers.
If your national broadcaster derogates the taxpayers who fund it, what recourse do they have? In the case of the ABC, absolutely none: you are interfering with the broadcaster’s “editorial independence”, according to ABC staffer’s and boosters! Editorial independence is code for “we will not be held accountable” to anyone, including the government, emasculated ABC Board members and uncaring ABC management. No apologies, no retractions, no right-of-reply. And lurking in the shadows the responsible minister Paul Fletcher meekly stands by as the broadcaster relentlessly disparages his government and describes Australians as racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant fools.
But remember, you’re paying for it.

Government and The Rule of Law:

New Zealand and Queensland provide us with salutary lessons about what happens when the rule of law is ignored or flouted. In spite of a decade long battle through the courts to approve the Adani coal mines in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, the Queensland Premier Palaszczuk and her acolytes ignore ongoing harassment from activists who fought for their cause, lost in court and now wage a war of terror against the company, employees and their suppliers. The government is effectively removing legal protection from an industry because of ideological differences. I can’t describe the scenario better than Adani CEO Lucas Dow whose article in the December 13 edition Australian is a must read.

“What has become apparent in recent times is that if you wear hi-vis, the iconic uniform of thousands of coal, gas, mining and heavy industry workers, you cannot rely upon governments to protect you from the illegal actions of anti-fossil fuel protesters.“

Meanwhile, New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern rules the nation with hybrid of kindness mixed with ignorance.
She silently stood by as criminal gangs built illegal roadblocks to supposedly protect parts of the country from covid spread. To date, the PM has never condemned this anarchy. It took a lot of political duress to guarantee that a police observer be stationed at these illegitimate barricades. This does not auger well for New Zealand’s future.

Best wishes for 2022 and remember that we must fight for our freedom and liberty. We lost so much, so quickly.

A special big shout out to the hi-vis workers everywhere. Your fight is ours.
Mike Ryan – Christmas Eve, 2021.