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Brass Razoo Competencies

Brass Razoo draws upon more than three decades of industry experience in client facing Enterprise IT sales and marketing roles. We concentrate on articulating your core messaging so that it resonates with prospective clients and delivers improvements to your bottom line. We believe that customers must realise tangible benefits from your product and service. It's our responsibility to make sure that the content we create stays focussed on highlighting the benefits and outcomes your product delivers to organisations. It's all about supporting your assertions with a well reasoned business case that will add to your market exposure and perceived brand value.

The key messages;

  • How will your solution improve productivity?
  • How will your service improve operational efficiency?
  • How will your solution enhance the bottom line?
  • How will your proposal mitigate business risk?

Enterprise technology is our specialty!

  • Brass Razoo writes about the Data Centre
    Data Centre

    Server |Storage| Mission Critical | BCM | High Availability |

    The Data Centre will rule the technology universe for the foreseeable future. The question for organisations is how to maximise their ROI on infrastructure. What is the best mix of technology and where should processing be allocated?

  • Brass Razoo writes about Unified Communications
    Unified Communications

    VoIP | Lync | Fibre Optics | Wireless| WAN | LAN | Metro

    It's ubiquity is astounding. It's a challenge to be out of reach with all of the fixed and wireless network infrastructure now available to business and consumers.

  • Brass Razoo writes about Information_Security
    Information Security

    Encryption | Authentication |Multi-Factor |Token

    Cybersecurity is vital in protecting intellectual property and the privacy of stakeholders. We have extensive experience building content based on real world security challenges.

  • Brass Razoo writes about Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
    Cloud and Virtualisation

    Hybrid | Public | Private | AWS | Azure | OpenStack

    Cloud technology is evolving rapidly and offers opportunities for organisations to reduce operating costs. Understanding the mix between cloud and physical infrastructure is critical to deliver the best performance versus ROI metrics.

  • Brass Razoo writes about Enterprise Applications
    Enterprise Applications

    SAP | Oracle | Server 2013 | Hadoop | BI | SharePoint

    Enterprise applications must deliver greater productivity and integrate easily with real-world business processes.

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